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Carbon Reduction
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Carbon Reduction

Commitment & Techniques

Your organisation may be affected by a new, legally binding climate change and energy saving scheme called the Carbon Reduction Commitment. This is a mandatory scheme to promote energy efficiency and help reduce carbon emissions. It is a UK wide scheme which will cover large business and public sector organisations.

Noxer Pavings
are blocks of cement mortar with a 5-7mm thick surface layer of Titanium Dioxide), which is a heterogeneous catalyst, on it. Titanium(IV) oxide is a photocatalyst that uses sunlight to absorb and render oxides of nitrogen harmless by converting them to nitrate ions which are then either washed away by rain or soaked into the concrete to form stable compounds.  It can reduce up to 45% of Nitrogen Oxide in the atmosphere 60% of which comes from vehicle traffic.

The Noxer Priora Permeable Paving blocks will be manufactured for testing by Marshalls (the UK's largest manufacturer of landscape, building, and drainage materials for the construction industry and domestic home improvement markets) as a concrete base topped by approximately one centimeter layer of a mixture of TiO2, zeolite, and sand, crushed quartz, or ground glass. Marshalls will use the same manufacturing processes and machinery as for their traditional products, but company PR manager Rachel Brown says, "In principle, there's no reason why the Noxer technology could not be adapted for walling, kerbs and so on to reduce the effects of vehicular emissions in the environment." In addition to the proposed Westminster trials, Noxer blocks are also being tested in Osaka and Chiba, Japan.

NOx removal using TiO2 coatings and additions to paving materials and large-scale panels on road sides and the like is a very practical approach.  It's passive, in the sense that it relies on natural sunlight and air movement, and no lamps or fans are required; thus, it's simple to implement. Adverse effects of the system seem unlikely because the quantity of the NOx is very low to begin with, and it's distributed over large areas."


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