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Compliance Management

Organisations today face the challenge of complying with a growing body of Environmental Legislation. With the EU driving hard on this agenda in an increasingly integrated way, there are few areas of business untouched by the need to consider regulatory implications. And government agencies are now better equipped to advise on and monitor compliance with these new regulations.

Some Businesses and Trade Associations consider Environmental Regulation a burden on business and a hindrance when competing in Global Markets. Compliance need not necessarily be a cost to business. If organisations take a proactive approach to the management of their environmental footprint, it is possible to not only meet the requirements of regulation, but also enhance business competitiveness and drive cost out of the business.

Furthermore innovation, not cost, is the key driver for business competitiveness in the 21st century. If organisations take a proactive approach, modern environmental regulation can stimulate innovation and enhance competitiveness.

Understanding the intentions and impact of current and emerging legislation, not waiting for the regulator's phone call, is a critical business activity.

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