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Emergency Planning

Air quality is increasingly becoming a material consideration in planning decisions. Local Planning Authorities are obliged to ensure that future development will not contribute to or create an air quality problem.

Consideration of local air quality conditions is important for:

  • sensitive developments - such a residential dwellings, schools and hospitals;
  • new development – where the increase in traffic may result in poor air quality;
  • transport infrastructure and traffic demand management schemes (TDMS); and
  • industrial developments which may emit pollutants into the atmosphere.

We believe that air quality assessments should no longer be viewed as ‘bolt-on’ afterthoughts. Rather, we promote the integration of air quality and pollution abatement measures at the design stage to ensure that transport solutions are truly sustainable. Our in-house air quality experts work alongside our planners and engineers providing input on projects with air quality sensitivities from concept to completion.

We can provide preliminary air quality input to schemes and undertake robust air quality assessments and options testing. We have the capability to undertake a range of assessments:

  • DMRB screening method for road schemes; and
  • detailed atmospheric dispersion modelling, including both road and static sources.

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