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Recent Commissions:

Client: RAB Consultants / Environment Agency

Project: Flood warning service contingency arrangements

CEF Environmental
has been appointed by RAB Consultants to provide Multi-Criteria Analysis (MCA) for the Environment Agency’s flood warning detection infrastructure.

RAB Consultants have undertaken a review of the contingency arrangements currently in place for the whole of the Agency’s flood warning service.  This review has provided objective advice upon the appropriate level of contingency action.  CEF Environmental has undertaken parts of this review.  One major aspect is the provision of MCA for the detection element of the Agency’s flood warning system.  The MCA, developed by CEF Environmental, provides a tool to enable the Agency to list priorities for their maintenance and improvement of their detection points.  The Agency has tens of thousands of data streams, upon which flood warning decisions are made, so effective priority for maintenance and improvement's is a key element in their efforts to provide effective flood warnings to all the emergency services and also members of the public.

Recent Commissions:

Client: JMP Consulting

Project: Elstow Village - Noise

CEF Environmental
has been appointed by JMP Consulting to provide advise on environmental noise issues for a proposed residential development in Bedfordshire.  The new village at Elstow includes the construction of dual carriageway section of the A6 to the East of the proposed village.  Noise from the new A6, and its affect upon the proposed residential development, was a material planning consideration for the village.  CEF Environmental is providing advise upon potential road traffic noise and possible mitigation measures to ensure that future residents are not exposed to an adverse noise environment

Forthcoming work (subject to contract):

Client: Environment Agency

Project: Disposal of River Dredgings

A review of waste disposal options available to the Environment Agency for material dredged from rivers and estuaries.  Although the Agency has a right to dispose of dredged material on the banks of the river from which it arises, the pollutant levels of this material make this unacceptable.  CEF Environmental hope to be working in conjunction with RAB Consulting to provide advise upon the appropriate disposal options available to the Agency.


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